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Several knowledge about fire

Several knowledge about fire

What are the causes of the fire?
The main causes of fire accidents are: arson, electrical, illegal operation, inadvertent use of fire, fire, smoking, spontaneous combustion, lightning strikes and other factors such as earthquakes, windstorms, etc.
What are the three conditions that must be met for the burning of matter?
There must be three conditions at the same time, namely, fuel, combustion aids and sources of ignition; no combustion will occur without any of the conditions.
1 Combustibles: Any substance that can react violently with oxygen or other oxidants in the air is flammable.
2 Combustibles: Any substance that can help and support combustion is called combustion aid.
3 Source of ignition: Any thermal energy that can cause the combustion of combustibles is called a fire source.
Why are there many winter fire accidents?
The winter weather is cold, the rain is scarce, and there are many kinds of raw materials stored, and the amount of gas used for fire and electricity is increased. In the winter, at the beginning and end of each year, production and work are busy. In addition, people who are short-night are prone to slack off, often overlooking fire safety. The fire can not be discovered in time, so there are many winter fire accidents and heavy losses.