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Strengthening industrial infrastructure capabilities Intelligent equipment shoulders an important mission

Strengthening industrial infrastructure capabilities Intelligent equipment shoulders an important mission

Alkali metal fire
Alkali metals (such as potassium, sodium) can not be saved by water. Because the water reacts with alkali metals, a violent chemical reaction will generate a large amount of hydrogen, which will release a large amount of heat and easily cause an explosion. It is generally extinguished with dry sand or mud.
2. Gas fire
Gas (such as liquefied petroleum gas, gas, natural gas) fires, can not be saved with water, generally first close the pipeline valve, use water to cool the container, pipeline, and then use dry powder, carbon dioxide fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire.
3. Oils and alcohols, alcohol fires
A flammable liquid fire that is lighter than water and insoluble in water, such as oil and alcohol. If it is thrown with water, the flammable liquid will float on the surface of the water and disperse with the water, causing the fire to spread. To extinguish such fires, the air isolation method should be used to quickly cover the burning objects with objects to achieve the effect of isolating the air to extinguish the fire.
4. Live fire
In the absence of good grounding equipment or without cutting off the power supply, the use of water to extinguish the fire electrical equipment may cause electric shock or cause great damage to the equipment. Fire-fighting equipment such as ammonium phosphate and other dry powder fire extinguishers and carbon dioxide fire extinguishers should be used for fire fighting.
5. Metal carbide fires
Metal carbide fires cannot be saved with water. For example, calcium carbide (calcium carbide) decomposes with water and releases a large amount of heat, which may cause the combustion to expand or explode.
6. Combustible dust fire
Combustible dust (such as flour, aluminum powder, powdered sugar, coal powder, etc.) can not be extinguished with water to prevent the formation of explosive mixtures.