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Add: Xinghua Economic Development Zone,Jiangsu Province


Phone:+86-18605238811(Manager Li)
+86-13951177797(Manager Xu)



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In the future, we will adhere to the mission of safeguarding the safety of human
life and property. In the future, "Tailong Firefighting" will provide perfect fire
protection system solutions for the users with innovative high-tech products and
excellent services, and provide the most solid safety for users' lives and property.
The line of defense benefits the family.

 Tailong  Values are integrity, focus, innovation and responsibility. The concept of
Tailong Fire Culture is to be straightforward and to do things. The business
philosophy is sincerity, integrity, compassion, wholeheartedness, professionalism,
honesty, faith-based, mutual trust and sincere cooperation. Concentric with
customers and with employees. Based on the present, harmonious coexistence.