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Three battle cases using air breathing apparatus at the fire scene

Three battle cases using air breathing apparatus at the fire scene

1. The words of a trapped woman
In 2004, a fire broke out in a seven-storey building in the China Institute of Labor Relations in Haidian District, Beijing.
There is a lens inside that is described like this:
In order to comfort and protect the trapped, the fire fighters who arrived at the seventh floor window gave their masks to the trapped lady closest to them.
The trapped woman said: "No, you have to wear a mask. You wear a mask, your life is guaranteed, and our lives are guaranteed."
2. The fireman's hat was kicked off.
In a mine rescue, Hunan Yongzhou Lingling Fire Squadron firefighters went down to rescue trapped people.
Seeing that the trapped person was shaking all over the body, the firefighter immediately took off his air breathing apparatus mask, took a few mouthfuls for the trapped person, and then took a few more mouths.
In the process of repeatedly inhaling inhalation, the trapped person suddenly held the mask because of his desire to survive.
Later, he also kicked the hat of the firefighter Ou Chongming who was going to save him.
Ou Chongming was in a coma, and the trapped people at this time were also unable to act due to prolonged lack of oxygen.
Fortunately, the players outside the cave responded in time and rescued the two.
3. I don’t know anything, I fainted.
On September 26, 2007, a construction site in Kunming, Yunnan.
Many workers working in underground pipelines were trapped inside the pipeline.
The special squadron went to the rescue. When there were two trapped people left, the accident happened. A number of commando members of the special squadron of the special service had an oxygen-deficated coma in the pipeline.
Afterwards, a special service commando said:
At that time, my comrades took the air respirator and placed it on the trapped person's mouth to let the trapped person breathe. After a while, I saw that my teammates didn't move. I pushed him a few times and didn't respond.
At that time, my mind suddenly felt nervous, and my comrades fainted inside, so I took my own air respirator and put it on my comrades.
Finally, I didn't know anything, and I fainted.
The use time of air respirators is extremely limited.
Every firefighter must test his or her empty call time multiple times.
At the battle site, full consideration should be given to the use of air respirators.
Air respirators should not be shared, and it is not possible to take off your own air to others.
Unless, as a last resort.
Thanks to the lady, she said it is good: your life is guaranteed, and our lives are guaranteed.